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Tutorial 6 Homework Read the following extract: Now: 1)  Summarise each paragraph, using your own words as far as possible. (This will  help you avoid plagiarizing) 2)  Summarise the passage in about 120 words. 3)  Summarise the whole passage (ie what is the writer’s point?) in a short paragraph  of about 6 lines. 1) Those responsible for teaching young people have resorted, at different periods of history, to a variety of means for making their pupils learn. The earliest of these was the threat of punishment, which meant that the pupil who was slow, careless-or inattentive risked either physical chastisement or the loss of some expected privilege or treat. Learning was thus, to some extent, associated with fear, particularly in the minds of those who found certain subjects hard to master. 2) At a later period, pupils were encouraged to learn in the hope of some kind of reward. This often took the form of marks awarded daily or weekly for the work done, and sometimes of
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