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A)Generic list of questions for critical reading 1. Who is the audience? 2. What is the issue being debated on? 3. What is the author's claim/ position? 4. What evidence or reasons does the author offer to support his/ her position? 5. How good are the reasons/ evidence? a. How sound is the logic? b. What, if any, evidence is omitted? c. What is the quality of references? 6. How good is the study, if one is presented? a. How adequate is the sample size? b. What is the significance of the study? c. How appropriately can the results be applied to your particular context?
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Unformatted text preview: d. How do the results compare to similar research? e. How reliable are the statistics quoted? Do you have contrary statistics? 7. Are there any key terms that have multiple meanings or are ambiguous? 8. Is the author's position valid based on the given evidence? 9. What assumptions does the author make? a. Are the assumptions valid? Why/ why not? 10. How appropriate are the analogies used by the author? II. How does what the author states relate to other perspectives on the topic?...
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