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CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Information Security IT STARTED OUT LIKE ANY OTHER DAY for Amy at the Sequential Label and Supply Company. She liked her technical support job at the help desk at good old SLS. It was true that she was working for a stodgy, old manufacturing company and not at some cutting-edge, high-tech startup, but she liked the work. Taking calls and helping the office workers with PC problems was not glamorous, but it was challenging and paid pretty well. She had friends she knew from school who had jobs all over the city and the area. Some worked at bigger companies, some at higher-tech companies, but everyone kept up with each other, and they all agreed that technology jobs were a good way to pay the bills. The phone rang. That was not a big deal for Amy; after all, that was her job. Using her wireless headset she answered the phone about 35 times an hour, 315 times a day, nine days every two weeks. This time the call started out the same as usual, with a worried user hoping Amy could help him out of a jam. The call display on her screen gave her all the facts: the user’s name, his phone number, the department in which he worked, where his office was on the company campus, and a list of all the calls he’d made in the past. “Hi, Bob,” she said. “Did you get that document formatting problem squared away after our last call? ” “Sure did, Amy. Hope we can figure out what’s going on today.” Do not figure on opponents not attacking; Worry about your own lack of preparation. Book OF THE FIVE RINGS
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Principles of Information Security “We’ll try, Bob, tell me about it.” “Well, my PC is acting weird,” Bob said. “When I go to the screen that has my e-mail program running, it doesn’t respond to the mouse or the keyboard.” Amy didn’t think long about her reply, “Did you try a reboot yet, Bob?” “Sure did. But the window wouldn’t close, and I had to turn it off. Once it finished the reboot, and I opened the e-mail program, it’s just like it was before—no response at all. The other stuff is working OK, but really, really slowly. Even my Internet browser is sluggish.” “OK Bob. We’ve tried the usual stuff we can do over the phone. Let me open a case and I’ll dispatch a tech over as fast as possible.” Amy looked up at the LED tally board on the wall at the   end of the room. She saw that there were only two cases dispatched to deskside support at the moment, and since it was the day shift there were four technicians available. “Shouldn’t be long at all Bob. Sit tight, and they should be right over.” She glanced at the inbound call counter and saw that there were not even enough incoming calls to keep her and the other two first-level technicians busy. She clicked off the line from Bob and typed her notes into ISIS, their Information Status and Issues
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006870-01 - CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Information Security...

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