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Competitive Strategy: According to Nirala, they overcome the current competitiveness by continuously working on maintaining their brand name. Nirala has ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate in sweets lines and its brand is widely accepted as the symbol of quality. Moreover Nirala tends to keep their cost low through mass productions and using new techniques. Thus they are able to sustain any major price cuts that might be made by other large scale mithai companies. Nirala also has a very strong network of shops in Lahore and they themselves own their distributional channels. As a result they are extremely efficient in fulfilling shop orders and launching new products. Nirala also ensures customer satisfaction through the provision of colorful and desired packaging, and multitude of sugar and sugar free products. As a result of these competitive strategies Nirala has been successful in securing about 30% of the market share. Arabian current competitive strategy has been to develop its name for quality as well as a
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