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FUTURE PROSPECT: Keeping in mind the global trends of the world the primary target for the CEO of the company is to expand the Nirala sweet company in Pakistan and abroad. His expansion strategy basically consists of tapping new markets and increasing customer satisfaction. Now the rationale behind targeting new market is that there are many areas which are not catered by Nirala, in stead some local bakeries cater to their needs. On the other hand their foreign market is also expanding and they have high demand for their mithai in countries like Canada,UAEe etc. So in future they are thinking to expand in these countries too. To increase the customer satisfaction the CEO intends to increase the sphere of products and services being offered for example introduction of new packaging (they have recently introduced tin packaging on demand from consumers) and some ways to obtain customer feedback (Facebook). Apart from this to retain the regular customers the company intends to offer discount cards for their loyal customers. When we
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