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Human Resource: The Human Resource department at Nirala selects its employees through means which ensures that a talented and a capable pool of workers is selected. For selecting employee sources such as detailed interviews, job fairs etc are used. Though not necessary, but still a lot of impetuous is put on work experience. For recruiting Kari gars (chefs) 15 day trial basis period is used in which the capabilities of the employee are tested. Then based on the trial period performance, the employee is given permanent job. The HR department maintains a detailed record of the resumes of almost all the employees. Once the employee has been selected, the management at Nirala provides the newly selected employee with two to three days to orient itself with the organization culture and rules. For instance newly selected sales employee is made to work with an older sales employee till he becomes fully acquainted with his job. HR dept provides the worker with a complete list of manual instructions (explaining the duties and responsibilities of the job)
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