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Market Segmentation: Nirala currently own around 30% of the market share in Lahore. Niralas main target group are the shop customers. The prices charged by Nirala are higher as compared to its competitors which is indicative that they have segmented their market on the basis of income. Nirala basically focuses on the middle income and higher income household.However Nirala also practices niche marketing and some of its products are produces to cater specific segments of market. For e.g sugar free sweets were introduced to cater the demand of diabetic and health conscious people.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore Nirala’s special mithai refers that they have also segmented their market on the basis of age as this type of mithai is usally taken by people from age 30-55. Hence it can be concluded that Nirala has segmented their market initially by income then they have further segmented by age and health. In the case of Arabian Delights there isn’t any specific segmentation done among the corporate customers but they do have certain segmentations in the shop customers which are quite similar to Nirala....
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