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Organizational Structure - Organizational Structure:...

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Organizational Structure: Arabian Delights is a sole proprietorship, initially owned and initiated by Yusuf Paracha, later his son Illyas Paracha also joined him. Yusuf Paracha the pioneer of this company heads the head office and the branch on Feroezpur road and model town link road while Illyas Pracha heads the DHA outlet and the production. Similarly, Nirala is an entrepreneurial business initiated by Mr. Taj Din, and is currently maintained by his grandsons Faisal Farooq and Ahmer Farooq. It is basically a family owned business(Private Limited Company) and has a mechanistic structure. If we look at the organizational structures of both companies (appendix) we find that the both firms are centralized in nature and most power lies in the hands of the owners. Moreover, mithai industry does not face rapid changes in demand and the product is also specialized, so a centralized structure is essentially suited to both companies. If we observe the organizational charts of both companies we can infer that the span of control in
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Organizational Structure - Organizational Structure:...

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