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Placement and Packaging - in Lahore Like Nirala they also...

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Placement and Packaging: Nirala sells its product through 18 outlets in Lahore and also has the facility of order online. Nirala considers its Packaging as one of the unique selling point as desired packaging can be ordered. For eg during the last fashion week held in Lahore Hassan Sheryar Yawar(HSY) used Nirala sweets packaged under his name to promote his stuff. Arabian Delights has not a large number of outlets as Nirala and it sells its product through 3 outlets
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Unformatted text preview: in Lahore. Like Nirala they also offer the facility of ordering online but they consider themselves to be pioneer and innovator in the packaging line. For e.g. Ilyas Paracha said that they were the ones who introduced tin packaging in the industry but now other firms like Gourmet and Nirala are following them....
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