Pricing - primarily the richer segment of the society.He...

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Pricing : Nirala sweets prices are much higher then its competitors due to uniqueness of the taste offered. As discussed earlier that they are market leader in the sweet industry and their target market is rich people, they charge higher prices in order to meet expected standards. Another reason for these higher prices is that they use expensive ingredients for e.g. for their special mithai they use desi ghee. Nirala also has to incur high cost due to separate line and staff department. So in order to cover these costs prices charged are higher. According to Yusaf Paracha they charge the highest prices in the market as their target market is
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Unformatted text preview: primarily the richer segment of the society .He stated a very intriguing thing that their sales rises with the increase in prices as people consider their mithai a “luxury good”. So, the status conscious people consider Arabian Delights as a brand satisfying their needs. When we asked him that why you don’t target the middle or lower class he said that “Our society is such that the poor will buy the product no matter what(they might even take a loan)”...
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