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Product Life Cycle - going through a process in which they...

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Product Life Cycle :If we look at the product life cycle of both the firms we will find that Nirala is about to reach the maturity stage as nirala is constantly introducing new kinds of sweets in its current range to remain the market leader. Apart from that they find that their local market is almost tapped so now they are shifting their interest towards international markets for eg Canda,Dubai etc. Above all they have been successful in establishing a brand name in mithai industry. But we can see from the diagram that Arabian delights is on the steepest part of the curve i.e it is
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Unformatted text preview: going through a process in which they are introducing new types of mithai, setting new trends in the industry (services and packaging).Other reasons which can be attributed to this growing stage are that they are looking to expand themselves in the local market(they are considering to open new outlets in Lahore) and they are also in phase of establishing the “Arabian” brand name in the industry. SEE APPENDIX...
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