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Promotion - arranged an exclusive screening of James...

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Promotion : Promotion matters a lot in the success of any business. Nirala does not really have to put more effort in promoting its products since it already holds a great market share. But whenever a new product is launched promotional activities become more active. Nirala Nashta is the recent example. Nirala uses both above the line and below the line promotion techniques and promotes its products through hoardings, leaflets, banners, magazines, newspapers and on public transport (buses). In addition Nirala also provides discounts on the bulk purchase (Corporate clients), has special wedding offers, and also carries out free sampling on the launch of new product. One interesting fact about nirala is that they haven’t been able to develop a TV advertisement campaign despite being market leader. Nirala also promotes through internet (facebook). Nirala Sweets
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Unformatted text preview: arranged an exclusive screening of James Cameron’s latest venture, Avatar at DHA Cinema Lahore. There is no such main advertising currently happening by Arabian Delights and it’s being carry out through word of mouth. But 5 years back they launched a marketing campaign from which they secured bank and pharmaceutical companies as customers. But now due to rising trend of people towards cake they are thinking to hire a marketing team in order to carry out a promotional campaign. They are currently advertising through magazines, pamphlets and recently they have started using SMS marketing services. The main reason given buy Ilyas Paracha for not advertising is that they consider themselves to be achieving more than expected....
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