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Quality Checks - Quality Checks It is nearly impossible for...

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Quality Checks: It is nearly impossible for the quality checking department to check each piece of mithai. To achieve its quality standards strict feed forward controls are used. These controls include wearing caps, gloves, maintaining an environment of cleanliness in the production facility to produce quality sweets. The company has also established predefined standards relating to the size of each sweet item, the amount of ingredients in each item for example sugar level, yeast level etc. All these controls are helping the company to produce quality sweets which is necessary to maintain its brand name. In Nirala (rather than having few particular controls) there is a very organized system of controls and their aim is to ensure quality and efficiency in the production and shop operations. Every department has its own specified controls and each of these is implemented during the process of mithai manufacturing. Initially when the raw materials are purchased they are sent to the quality control department where
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