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Revenue Model: The consumers of Nirala are basically divided into corporate customers, government customers, event organizers and shop customers. The Pakistan Government as a customer is basically for honorary purposes and doesn’t really have a significant impact on the revenue. Their contribution is almost 5%. Corporate customers and party customers are valued customers since they tend to order in customers are the main sources large batches. They also constitute about 35% towards revenue. Therefore the shop customers are a major source of income to nirala as this group constitutes about 60% to the revenue .See Appendix Arabian delight also has the same consumer base but their major customers are corporate and
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Unformatted text preview: event organizers. Arabian Delights have contracts with major banks like Alfalah, MCB and they also target pharmaceutical companies and high profile party organizers. They constitute around 45% of the revenue. According to Arabian Delight they consider government customer to be very erratic. They say that sometime they constitute 15-20% of the annual sales (recently the welcome of Turkish president resulted in a huge customer order by Pakistan governmet) and sometime they barely contribute. The remaining is contributed by the shop customers....
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