102711 - of their historical period and social position o...

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Soc of the Life Course Prof. Kristen Schultz Lee 10/27/11 Overview o Group Work Objectives: Learn about linked lives research and how it is presented in the media. Use critical thinking skills and the life course perspective to evaluate media reports. o CBS News Segment on IQ and birth order o New York Times article o Article in Science o Agency in Constraints In groups, answer the following questions: o From the news segment and the New York Times article, what do you know about the research design of the birth order and IQ study and the specific findings? What competing hypotheses were tested? o What questions do you still have about the study design and findings? o What concerns do you have about applying their findings to all families in the U.S.? Frame your critique in life course terms. Principles of the Life Course Perspective o Socio-historical context o Linked lives o Agency in constraints o Timing What do we mean by “human agency”? o Individuals construct their life courses through their actions within the constraints
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Unformatted text preview: of their historical period and social position. o Within constraints, an individual has free will and actively makes life choices • Examples of agency in constraints from earlier in the semester? o Agency within genetic constraints on behavior o Agency within social structural constraints on behavior • Example: Barnes (2008) • What are the author’s research questions? • What is her research design? • How does Barnes define agency? • What examples of agency did you see in the article? • Key Points o An awareness of research designed to examine the link between birth order and IQ. o How does this research design incorporate the concept of linked lives? o An understanding of how to use the life course perspective to critique reports in the media o How could an attention to linked lives further add to the research? o What is human agency? o What are some examples of human agency? o...
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102711 - of their historical period and social position o...

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