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Barnes, Sandra L. 2008. "A Case Study of the Working Poor Single Mother Experience: An Analysis of the Structure versus Agency Discourse." Journal of Poverty 12, no. 2: 175- 200. Reading Guide 1. How does Barnes define agency? 2. According to Barnes, what structural forces constrain the agency of single mothers? 3. What are the author’s research questions? 4. What is her research design? What type of data does Barnes use to investigate the questions of structure and agency? 5. What examples of agency did you see in the article? Aquilino (1999) Reading Guide
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Unformatted text preview: Aquilino, William S. 1999. Two View of One Relationship: Comparing Parents and Young Adult Childrens Reports of the Quality of Intergenerational Relations. Journal of Marriage and the Family 61: 858-70. 1. What are Aquilinos research questions? 2. What is the generational stake hypothesis? What does it predict? 3. Overall, is the generational stake hypothesis supported or refuted by the findings? What finding is used to support or refute the generational stake hypothesis?...
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