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I am posting on Beverly Falk’s “Integrating the Curriculum: Making Connections Between Ideas.” In this chapter I found her way of using the students interest to help determine the assignments in the classroom very interesting. I liked the idea of it how the students became so interested in marine life that she framed much of her lessons around it. I think it is a great idea to use something that the students are interested in, because it can bring the students to pay more attention, to care more and to enjoy the work they are doing. “The Undersea Study was born out of the children’s interests and shaped by their questions. Sue took these seriously and used them to continually shape the curriculum. The more she did this, the more the children got involved and participated in the work.” She found something to keep the children engaged and ran with it. This also helped a lot of her “behaviorally challenged” students to pay more attention. I also liked that she worked with one of the parents in the classroom especially one that she previously had a
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