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Rebecca Densen Lancaster Opera House A Christmas Story In the Lancaster Opera House on Saturday December 11 2010, I saw the play “A Christmas Story”. It was a production put on by Rocking Horse Productions. The show was well done they took the script directly from the movie. The cast was well picked; they all seemed to resemble the cast of the movie. It was well acted. The young man who played Ralphie did a great job. He really showed how badly he wanted the BB Gun. Timothy Richardson who played Randy, did an amazing job he played the part of the whinny, annoying, strange little brother perfectly. The mother and the teacher were a little too overdone. I enjoyed the performance of the father and of the friends they were all very believable and played the part exactly like the movie had it. They stage may have been small but the scenery was well done. There was a kitchen area and a den and an upstairs into Ralphie’s room. There was a little space in front of the house to seem like the yard. They brought a desk in to be the school teacher’s desk. They added in a silver
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