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syllabusMMC2000_F11_090111 - MA MMC2000-1 INTRODUCTION TO...

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M A O FFICE : 3131 University Center C O FFICE H OURS : T/R12:30 - 1:30 pm & by appointment P HONE : 644-1809 E- MAIL (preferred) : [email protected] C OURSE W EB S ITE : http://campus.fsu.edu G RADUATE T EACHING A SSISTANT : Jeremy Lee RESPONSIBILITIES : Class Notes C ONTACT THE TA: [email protected] TA O FFICE H OURS : see Blackboard “Staff Information” G RADUATE T EACHING A SSISTANT : Jiyoun Kim RESPONSIBILITIES : Research Studies C ONTACT THE TA : [email protected] TA O FFICE H OURS : see Blackboard “Staff Information” U NDERGRADUATE T EACHING A SSISTANT : Danielle Beckford R ESPONSIBILITIES : Attendance & Misc C ONTACT THE TA: [email protected] C OURSE D ESCRIPTION : “A historical and social overview of the mass media and their relationship to the mass communication process in a modern society” ( FSU General Bulletin 2006-2007 ). C OURSE O BJECTIVES : By the end of the course, the successful student will be able to: ° Compare and contrast the history and the current state of the various print and electronic media industries; ° Identify how industries (e.g., advertising, public relations) support and are supported by the media industries; ° Recognize how media industries and content are regulated by government and studied by academics; and ° Apply critical-thinking and media-literacy skills to be a more informed consumer and student of media. R EQUIRED R EADINGS : Baran, S. (2009). Introduction to mass communication: Media literacy and culture (7 th edition). Boston: McGraw Hill. (The 6 th and the updated 6 th editions of the book are acceptable. One copy of the 7 th edition will be available for in-library use at the Reserve desk of Strozier Library.) C OURSE C OMPONENTS : A student’s mastery of the material will be assessed through a combination of requirements: Examinations: The material covered on the exams will come from assigned readings and class lecture. Three exams and a non- comprehensive final exam (each worth 200 points) will be given during the course of the semester. The exams will be objective in nature, with multiple choice and the occasional true/false question. Important policy: Once the first person finishes an exam and leaves the room, no new person may start the exam. Take-home paper assignments: Two times during the semester, students will be asked to complete a take-home project (85 points each of final grade). The assignments will encourage you to further explore the areas that are discussed in class. All assignments will be posted on the class Web site two weeks before their due date; students must submit their assignment in hard copy (paper print-out) on the assigned day during class or into Dr. Bunz’ mail box in the department office, as well MMC2000-1 - I NTRODUCTION TO M ASS M EDIA FALL 2011, TR 11 AM – 12:15 PM , UCD 1101 I NSTRUCTOR : D R . U LLA B UNZ
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as electronically as indicated on the assignment sheet. In addition to quality, all assignment will be graded for accuracy, completeness, technical perfection (grammar, spelling, punctuation), and following of directions. A grading rubric is usually made available online 7-14 days before the due date.
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syllabusMMC2000_F11_090111 - MA MMC2000-1 INTRODUCTION TO...

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