12 KEY1 Medieval Europe

12 KEY1 Medieval Europe - Labyrinth “Scripture of the...

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Unit 12a: Medieval Western Europe (WH 251-281, 434-442) Germanic Invasions and Kingdoms Six Political Zones: France, Iberia, Germany, Italy, England, Scandinavia Charlemagne Carolingian Renaissance Vikings Fragmentation Reconquista Mercantile States Venice Normans Expansionism Crusades Feudalism Roman Catholicism Papacy Monasticism Christendom Scholasticism Thomas Aquinas Dante Cathedral
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Unit 12b: Medieval Sacred Symbols Sacred Symbols: Western Europe Cathedrals Three orders Priests, Knights, Workers Cathedral Chartres Monumental Gates Stained glass Veneration of Mary
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Unformatted text preview: Labyrinth “Scripture of the illiterate” Stained glass art as sacred history Unit 12c: Crusader Jerusalem Jerusalem as Center of the World Holy War Jerusalem as international city Tomb of Mary Easter Pilgrimage Holy Fire/Light Templars Saladin and the reconquest 3rd Crusade Richard Lionheart Mongols Impact of the Crusades Key Words for Primary Readings Thomas Aquinas Scholasticism Sack of Jerusalem by Crusaders Holy Fire/Light Dome of the Rock as a Christian church (Templars)...
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12 KEY1 Medieval Europe - Labyrinth “Scripture of the...

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