13 KEY all KW

13 KEY all KW - Mamluk Dynasty Mamluk’s patronage of...

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13a Key words on Central Asian Nomads (WH 401-433) Scythians and Huns Steppe Nomad Mounted archery Scythians Huns Attila Collapse of the Huns Turks Turks as military aristocracies Turkish sedentary states Nomad Economy Herd Trade Raid Shamanism Tent Shrines Mongols Genghis (Chinggis) Khan Mongol World Empire Secret History of the Mongols Tengri (High God) Gunpowder and the Fall of the Central Asian Nomads World Trade routes Nomads and Jerusalem
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Mamluks Reading 13b (ST 148-163) Muslim Legends of the Temple Mount Sufism Avincenna (ascent to celestial temple) Temple in Sufi parables (Rumi) Muslim building program on the Temple Mount Lecture 13b Mamluk Military System
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Unformatted text preview: Mamluk Dynasty Mamluk’s patronage of Jerusalem Haram al-Sharif Gates Madrasa Mujir al-Din Sufism Minaret Arcades Domed Shrines Qait Bey Franciscans Reading (ST 164-181) Dome of the Rock as the Temple in Western Art St. Peter’s Cathedral as temple Esoteric Temple Solomon the Magician Key words for Primary Reading: Unit 13c Queen of Sheba David Menyelek Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant legend Renaissance Military Revolution International Maritime Trade European Expansionism Renaissance Printing Reformation Ethiopia Axum Ark of the Covenant Lalibela Debre Damo Falasha Ethiopian Jerualem Western Wall...
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13 KEY all KW - Mamluk Dynasty Mamluk’s patronage of...

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