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COMPSCI 225-002 Introduction to Computer Science II (Fall 2011) Programming Assignment #4, Due on 10/11/2011, Tuesday (11PM) Introduction: This assignment will ask you to implement a Queue ADT using two stack instance variables s 1 and s 2 . Please use TwoStackQueue to name your Queue class. The class should implement at least the following Queue methods: public boolean oFer(E item) public E remove() public E poll() public E peek() public E element() public Iterator < E > iterator() // return an iterator object that can iterate through // the queue (in the order of data items to be deQueued). The detail description of the above methods can be found in JAVA’s Queue interface, or check the
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Unformatted text preview: Table 4.1 on page 198 of our Textbook. At the beginning of your TwoStackQueue class, you should import java.util.Stack so that you can declare two instance variables: Stack s1, s2; A TestTwoStackQueue program will be given in the directory ∼ jhyeh/cs225/lab/p4/±les Description: Copy the ±les and expected output from ∼ jhyeh/cs225/lab/p4/±les in onyx to test your TwoStackQueue implementation. Submission: Submit your program from onyx by copying all of your java ±les to an empty directory (with no subdirectories) and typing the following ²ROM WITHIN this directory: submit jhyeh cs225 4...
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