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Talk about syllabus. Highlight the following-- No copying of anything, especially lab files. You will get a zero for the assignment and potentially for the course. Just don't do it. I don't want to have to do the paperwork. 1. Homework will be assigned at the end of each lecture. Homework is due on Wednesday, you have plenty of time to ask questions. It is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. 2. Don't hesitate to ask questions. I might look scary, but I will try to be nice. Since there are so many of you, discipline will be important for the class to run smoothly. 3. Those Sign-up for 230, but not 230L. I need to know why. You need to be in both.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. No TALKING in class, it is disrupting. I will ask you to leave. 5. Make sure you come in quietly and leave quietly. The doors and chairs could make a lot of noise, so close it carefully and put it down nicely. 6. With the lab access, you have building access too. Keep the door close, don't install a door stopper! 7. I don't like slacker. 8. I don't like you having a private conversation during class. Again, I will ask you to leave. 9. Quiz every Friday. 10. Important items Monday, January 12, 2009 1:21 PM Course Introduction - 1st class meeting Page 1...
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