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lab0 - ECE 332L Spring 2009 Microprocessors Lab Getting...

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ECE 332L Microprocessors Lab Lab 0 Spring 2009 Getting started Page 1 of 1 Objective: This lab will introduce you to the main microprocessor components you’ll be using for the assembly programming portion of this course. Resources: 1. Altera DE2 board : Each workstation will be assigned a DE2 that is the responsibility of each team for the duration of the semester. The DE2 is to be replaced in its box and locked up in the provided locker in MEC311 at all times when not being used in laboratory. Download the DE2_UserManual.pdf document from the Lab webpage. DE2 Development and Education Board User Manual Spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the document to become acquainted with the Altera DE2 board that will be used in the laboratory. Note the various hardware features of the board (how much SRAM and SDRAM, hardware devices, etc.) 2. Laboratory Reference Manuals : These manuals are to remain in MEC311 and be locked up in provided locker with the Altera DE2 board. PDF versions are available on class lab webpage There are three Altera supplied reference manuals used throughout the course:
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