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Altera Corporation 8–1 November 2006 8. Optrex 16207 LCD Controller Core with Avalon Interface Core Overview The Optrex 16207 LCD Controller Core with Avalon ® Interface (“the LCD controller”) provides the hardware interface and software driver required for a Nios ® II processor to display characters on an Optrex 16207 (or equivalent) 16x2-character LCD panel. Device drivers are provided in the HAL system library for the Nios II processor. Nios II programs access the LCD controller as a character mode device using ANSI C standard-library routines, such as printf() . The LCD controller is SOPC Builder-ready, and integrates easily into any SOPC Builder-generated system. The Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) includes an Optrex LCD module and provide several ready-made example designs that display text on the Optrex 16207 via the LCD controller. For details on the Optrex 16207 LCD module, see the manufacturer's Dot Matrix Character LCD Module User’s Manual available at http://www.optrex.com . Functional Description The LCD controller hardware consists of two user-visible components: 1. Eleven signals that connect to pins on the Optrex 16207 LCD panel – These signals are defined in the Optrex 16207 data sheet. E – Enable (output) RS – Register Select (output) R/W – Read or Write (output) DB0 through DB7 – Data Bus (bidirectional) 2. An Avalon Memory-Mapped (Avalon-MM) slave interface that provides access to 4 registers – The HAL device drivers make it unnecessary for users to access the registers directly. Therefore, Altera does not provide details on the register usage. For further details, see “Software Programming Model” on page 8–2 . NII51019-6.1.0
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8–2 Altera Corporation November 2006 Quartus II Handbook, Volume 5 Figure 8–1 shows a block diagram of the LCD controller core.
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