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Spring 2007 Embedded Systems Programming Project 2-9 What’s on the Menu 1. Download the uart_fd.c and uart_fp.c examples and decide which is appropriate for implementing a modified version of the menu routine. A modified version of the menu routine can be downloaded. 2. When processing a menu function do not worry about stalling all other processes. /* file: p2_4.c */ #include <stdio.h> #include "alive.h" #include "progress.h" int main ( void ) { printf(
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Unformatted text preview: &quot;\n\rStarting p2_9.c (ESP N2 V2)\n\r&quot; ); if ( sys_clock_init() != 0 ) { printf ( &quot;No system clock available\n&quot; ); return 4; } // init routines go here while (1) { // this is where we will eventually do some real work // if got data from UART invoke menu // marquee 1 routine // marquee 2 routine show_time(); show_progress(); // make it look like we are working alive(); // show that we are still alive } return 0; } 3. a....
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