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Boise State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 212L – Circuit Analysis and Design Lab Experiment #5: Three-Phase AC Power Measurements 1 Objectives The objectives of this laboratory experiment are: to verify voltage and current relationships in balanced three-phase AC circuits to measure three-phase real power using the two-wattmeter method. 2 Theory We are all familiar with single-phase AC circuits, particularly for domestic uses. The number of phases encountered in a power circuit should not be confused with the number of different voltages available from the source. For example, domestic 120/240-volt sources are only one phase since they are usually obtained from one phase of a three-phase electric power distribution network. Three-phase power circuits are predominant in commercial and industrial uses, mostly for eco- nomic reasons although the very existence of three-phase circuits can be attributed to their ease of creation by a three-phase AC generator. In terms of output power, a polyphase circuit is somewhat like a multicylinder internal combustion engine. The power in all cylinders is summed to obtain the total shaft power but the construction is such that each cylinder is important because the power portion of the engine stroke does not occur at the same time in each cylinder. The total real and reactive power delivered to or consumed by a load is the algebraic sum of that consumed by each element regardless of the type of connection (Y or ∆). Three-phase real and reactive power consumption may be measured in many ways. This experiment uses the classical
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lab5-1 - Boise State University Department of Electrical...

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