prelab2 - leads the other What is the sign of ∆ θ = θ...

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ECE212L PRELAB #2 DUE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2011 2 v (t) 1 v (t) 1 ms/div 2 V/div PL-1: Two sinusoidal waveforms are displayed above on a dual-trace oscilloscope. Find the time delay | t | in ms and the phase shift | θ | in degrees between the two waveforms. Which waveform
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Unformatted text preview: leads the other? What is the sign of ∆ θ = θ 2-θ 1 ? A B 2 V/div 1 v v 2 2 V/div PL-2: The above two sinusoidal waveforms are now displayed using the X-Y mode. Find the phase shift | ∆ θ | between the two waveforms....
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