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ECE212L PRELAB #7 DUE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2011 + - v o - - + + v 1 v 2 13k 5k 65k + 2 3 6 - Figure 1: Simulation Circuit Model the summing amplifier shown in Figure 1 using an LM741 op-amp. The op-amp will be powered from +/-15V supplies. In LTspice, use two DC voltage sources to set the input voltages. (a) Write an expression for v o in terms of v 1 and v 2 . (b) Using the expression you developed in (a), calculate the expected output value for each of
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Unformatted text preview: the input combinations listed in Table 1. (c) Run an LTspice simulation to determine the output for each of the input combinations listed in Table 1. (d) Explain any discrepancies between your results in (b) and (c). Table 1 v 1 (V) v 2 (V) Calculated v o (V) Simulated v o (V) +2.0V-0.5V +1.0V-1.0V-1.0V +1.0V-0.5V +2.0V...
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