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9 Exercise 2: Many English words contain Greek roots which are sometimes recognizable without much difficulty. In the English words below, the segments in bold type are Greek roots. With the help of a dictionary, suggest a meaning for these Greek roots. Then copy them in Greek letters. English word meaning of Greek root Greek spelling 1. tele graph 2. apo crypha 3. log ical 4. charit able 5. ellip tical Exercise 3: Transliterate the following words into Greek. i.e., daimon = daimon 1. Kadmos 2. Hektor 3. Agamemnon 4. automatos 5. Sophocles 6. Hera 7. phenomenon (=phainomenon in Greek) 8. sphinx 9. Artemis 10. logos
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10 Pronunciation: A top/father a/ha a/mare dr±ma B bible biblÛon G ganglion (voiced velar plosive; velar nasal, before g, y, k, x, m) g²gglion D decade d¡ka E epic ƒpow Z double consonant [sd]; zd, z adds, zone z¯nh, ³Ayfnaze H they ‡dh Y aspirated voiceless dental plosive (aspirated tau); fricative th. Top/atheist ye´w I intrigue /pip 2 iptv K kind kair´w L logic l´gow M bilabial nasal; meter m¡tron
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Unformatted text preview: N dental nasal; noon nn J double consonant [ks]; axiom nj O obstacle p P bilabial voiceless plosive; poet poihtfw R trilled alveolar liquid; rhinoceros rvw S voiceless fricative [s]; voiced fricative [z] before voiced consonants b, y, d, m. symbol , plasma soFw, plsma T voiceless dental plosive; topography tpow U put, boot gumnastikf, Krow aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive; aspirated pi. Became fricative in postclassical times: philosophy FilosoFa X aspirated voiceless velar plosive; aspirated kappa. cat xorw C double consonant [ps]; eclipse cuxf V long o. ode nyrvpow 11 ai aisle kairAw au how paei ei freight; also, digraph representing a single sound lei eu eh-oo; feud etxei hu ei-oo hrhka oi toil kalo ou boot otiw ui u + semivocallic i [y]; in classical times iota was weakened to a glide between vowels and sometimes omitted in spelling uAw...
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Greek1001_Part_3 - N dental nasal; noon nn J double...

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