Greek1001_Part_17 - # Tense Voice Mood Case # Gender pLr...

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51 Chapter 7 Vocabulary Addendum to the Vocabulary List on page 94: Nouns: a ˙ j, a ˘ gAw , ı or ² : goat y±latta, yal±tthw, ² : sea önoma, ônAmatow, tA : name pAliw, pAlevw ² : city NOTE: Beginning with chapter 7 b , Athenaze lists nominative, genitive, and gender for each new noun; so there will no longer be an addendum for each chapter here in the course pack. English derivatives: xenophobia, ophthalmologist, pyromaniac, ballistic, eureka, thalassocracy, politics, eponymous, anonymous, oenophile = enophile, oenology = enology, panorama
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52 Homework Exercises for Chapter 7 Form Identification: pLr, puraw ta purf, pur°w ² pursaw, pursf, pursan pLrow, pærou ı purav Part of Verbs Nouns/Adjectives Form Speech Person
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Unformatted text preview: # Tense Voice Mood Case # Gender pLr pur˙ pLrow purs± puraw puroLmen purf pærou pursan pursf puroLsi(n) pursÛ(n) pursoL purs˙n pur°w purÛ 53 Noun/Adjective Agreement: Nouns Adjectives xeim¯n, xeim˙now ı m¡gaw, meg±lh, m¡ga pLr, purAw tA tÛw, tÛ paÝw, paidAw ² s¯frvn, s˙fron (3rd declension adj.) Given the dictionary entries listed above, identify each form listed below by case, number and gender and then write the correct form of the adjective/s to modify the noun. (Ignore Vocative.) Form Case # Gen. Adjective/s xeim˙now pur˙n paidÛ paisÛ paÝda xeim¯n xeim˙na purAw pLr purÛ paÝdew paidAw pursÛ xeim˙si xeim˙ni...
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Greek1001_Part_17 - # Tense Voice Mood Case # Gender pLr...

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