Greek1001_Part_22 - Noun/Adjective (Participle) Agreement:...

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Unformatted text preview: Noun/Adjective (Participle) Agreement: Nouns Žrister‹, Žristerw ² ßerñn, ßeroè tñ pat®r, patrñw õ Adjectives timÇn, timÇsa, timÇn lævn, læousa, lèon Given the dictionary entries listed above, identify each form listed below by case, number and gender and then write the correct form of the adjective/s to modify the noun. (Ignore the Vocative case.) Form Case # Gen. Adjective/s pat®r ßerñn Žrister‹n Žristerw Žrister‹w ßeroÝw pat¡rew patr‹si(n) ŽristeraÝw Žrister‹ ßer‹ ßerÇn pat¡ra pat¡raw Žrister˜ ßerÄ patrÛ 66 Form Identification: basileæw, basil¡vw õ basileÛa, basileÛaw ² basilÛw, basilÛdow ² basileæv, basileæsv, ¤basÛleusa basÛleiow, basileÛa, basÛleion Given these dictionary listings, identify fully the forms below. LIST ALL POSSIBLE IDENTIFICATIONS. Part of Form Speech Verbs Person # Tense basil¡vw basileÛaw basileæomen basileuñmenow basÛleia basilÛda basileèsi basileævn basileÝ basileæontew basileæousai basileÛan basilÛdew basileuom¡nvn basÛleiow basil¡a 67 Nouns/Adjectives Voice Mood Case # Gender Present Active Participles Participles of the active voice have stems in nt. The masculine and neuter follow the third declension, the feminine follows the first declension. Most stems in ont make the nominative singular masculine without w, like the noun gervn, dropping the t and lengthening o to v. But stems in ont in the present and second aorist of mi-verbs (didoæw, doæw), and all stems in ant, ent, unt add w, lose nt, and lengthen the preceding vowel (-ouw, -2 w, -eiw, -2 w). a u The nominative neuter singular of all participles drops final t of the stem. The feminine singular is made by adding -= (semivocalic i) to the stem: ia læousa < luont-= oïsa < önt-= ia, ia. The accent of monosyllabic participles is an exception to the monosyllabic stem rule. 68 ...
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Greek1001_Part_22 - Noun/Adjective (Participle) Agreement:...

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