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Greek1001_Part_24 - Nouns Adjectives paliw palevw ²...

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72 Homework Assignments for Week 11, 23-25 October (Chapter 10) for Monday: TEST (chapters 1-9) for Tuesday: vocabulary quiz chapter 10 read and digest grammar on Ath. pg. 152-155, 158-160 read and translate Reading 10 " (pp. 156-157) do noun/adjective agreement worksheet for Wednesday: Quiz on future forms read and digest the grammar on Ath. pp. 166-170 read and translate Reading 10 $ (pp. 165-166) do exercise 10 b (odds) and 10 g (evens) do form ID charts for Monday: quiz on future forms read Ath. 162-163 ("Festivals") read and digest grammar on pp. 176-181 Chapter 10 Vocabulary Beginning with Chapter 10, Athenaze lists three principal parts for every verb. English derivatives: Nike, encephalitis, hydraulic, sophomore
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73 Homework Exercises for Chapter 10 Noun/Adjective Agreement:
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Unformatted text preview: Nouns Adjectives paliw palevw ² s¯frvn, s˙fron ±stu, ±stevw ta lævn, læousA, lLon bAsileæw, bAsil¡vw ı Form Case # Gen. Adjective/s paliw ±stu ±stei bAsileæw palin paleiw ±stevn bAsileÝ bAsil¡A bAsil°w palevn palesi ±stesi ±sth bAsileLsi bAsil¡Aw 74 Form Identification: polÛteuma, politeæmatow tA polÛthw, polÛtou ı poliAw,poli±, poliAn politeæv, politeæsv, /polÛteusa pAliw, pAlevw ² Part of Verbs Nouns/Adjectives Form Speech Person # Tense Voice Mood Case # Gender politeæeiw politeæmata pAlevw poli³w pAleiw politeæontow pAlesi polÛtO politeæmatow pAlin politeæousi politeuom¡noiw polÛthn politeæmasi pAlei poliAn polÛtaiw poli˙n...
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