Greek1001_Part_27 - Personal Endings Primary/Secondary =...

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81 Personal Endings Primary/Secondary = Non-past/Past ACTIVE MIDDLE PRIMARY SINGULAR 1 –, -mi st -mai 2 -w (for -si ) , -ya (-sya ) nd -sai 3 -si ( for -ti ) rd -tai PLURAL 1 -men -meya -te -sye -nsi -nti ) -ntai SECONDARY -n -mhn -w, -sya -so -to -n, -san -nto
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82 Second or Root Aorist Active Middle Indicative Singular 1 st ƒlipon /lipamhn 2 nd ƒlipew /lÛpou 3 rd ƒlipe (n) /lÛpeto Plural 1 st /lÛpomen /lipameyA 2 nd /lÛpete /lÛpesye 3 rd ƒlipon /lÛponto Imperative 2 Singular nd lÛpe lipoL 2 Plural nd lÛpete lÛpesye Infinitive lipeÝn lip¡syAi Participle lip¯n, lipoLsA, lipan ( gen . lipantow, lipoæshw, lipantow) lipamenow, lipom¡nh, lipamenon Most 2 aorists belong to a type which has the weak vowel grade in the root and the accent originally on nd the thematic vowel. The accent on the thematic vowel has been regularized in the indicative, partially regularized in the imperative, and preserved in the infinitive and participle. 1. Indicative: temporal augment + aorist stem + thematic vowel + secondary personal endings.
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Greek1001_Part_27 - Personal Endings Primary/Secondary =...

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