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Magazines and the Politics of Community/Identity October 7, 2010 I. Advertising and Social Values A. The rise of advertising and consumer culture in the U.S. Consumerist society B. Socio-cultural impacts of advertising 1. From producers to consumers o Shift in self-image of people going from producers (making own food, clothing, houses) to consumers. What we consume helps define us, makes up our identity. 2. From citizens to consumers? a. Advertising’s multiple messages (layer 1, layer 2, layer 3…) Part of it is how we are addressed. We are much more often addresses as a consumer. Ads position us as consumers. Layer 1: Buy this product. Conscious goal Layer 2: The world looks like this – create certain ideas, give us schema that shows how the world that is often reduced and simplified. Ads construct ways for us to think about the world. Layer 3: Happiness comes from buying things (commodities) b. The tension between market/ consumerist values and democratic values Dominate presence of advertising blasts us with values of consumerism while democratic values get drowned out. Market values are often firmly rooted in individualism. Me first, what do I want? Also, more is better and you deserve the best. Aspiration is a moral good. We want something better. Encourage us to think of shared identity of consumers. Identity of consumers = uneven playing field. Democratic citizenship based on the notion that you have responsibility to your community (social responsibility). Justice equality, caring about the common good. Critical thinking is a moral good and a necessity. We are all citizens, and as citizens we are much more equal (or should be). c. What happens when the market/advertising dominates? d. The tension between our roles as media consumer and media-age citizen Skewed ratios in relationship between consumers, citizens and producers. Consumer chunk is much bigger.
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Gaypress - Complete - Magazines and the Politics of...

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