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Pre-Network TV - Pre-Network-Era Television October 19,...

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Pre-Network-Era Television October 19, 2010 I. 3 Periods in Network TV History A. Pre-Network Era (1948 to ~1960) – TV was trying to figure itself out. B. The Network Era (~1960 to ~mid-1980s) – Industry matures and solidifies. NBC, ABC, and CBS monopolistic control/ domination. C. Post-Network Era (~mid-1980s to present) - II. Government Regulation in Early TV – early race to get “your” version of TV adopted as the standard in the US. Government delayed approval because they wanted the technology to get better. A. National Television System Committee (NTSC) Standards (1941) 1. 525 lines – picture quality Felix the Cat early transmission with 120 lines. Low quality. 525 Lines became the standard until just recently. Analog era of TV (now over)4 2. Recent demise Switch to digital signals B. FCC licensing freeze (1948-1952) 1. VHF/UHF intermixture When the war ends, everybody wants to get into TV broadcasting. FCC flooded with TV license applications. Approve 108 stations, most located in major urban areas and owned by big powerful players in broadcasting already. TV spectrum space quickly filled FCC needed to figure out a new system, so they simply stopped giving out licenses, lasted 4 years o Figured out there was a new section of spectrum/ airwaves that they could open up called Ultra High Frequency range (UHF). VHF (Very High Frequency) had been the spectrum up until then, so FCC wanted to
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Pre-Network TV - Pre-Network-Era Television October 19,...

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