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Career Family Tree

Career Family Tree - Career Family Tree By Patrick Hill EDL...

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Career Family Tree By: Patrick Hill EDL 100 For the career family tree paper I decided to interview my 6 closest family members. I interviewed my mother, my father, my aunt, my two uncles and my older cousin. They all had similar responses with their career and major choices, and they all are pleased with their decision. His job title is wood worker. He does anything involving wood works, framework, cabinets stairs, trim work. Anything involving carpentry. Throughout a regular day he talks a lot to potential costumers and costumers. He also has to measuring and understanding what the costumer wants. He draws out some sketches and blueprints based on the costumers taste. So he then builds the product. Then he installs the equipment. He also does some minimal moving
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and basic of utilities. He also does trim work which is sculpting the wood to make it look nice. He also does some managerial work. Some frame work. Some staining and spraying wood works for example doors. Finish work. He calls himself a wood worker but he does everything. He likes wood. He enjoys working with people, and enjoys being selective about his costumers. He likes working for nice people and the ability to choose. He enjoys looking at the finished product. He enjoys creating the masterpieces from raw wood. Its very simple work and he enjoys the texture wood. He wishes that he could be younger. He doesn’t like the stuff that beats him up. The normal wear and tear. Its physical work and he doesn’t like the aging with the body. He would like a trained assistant that could give him a hand on the grunt work. Doesn’t like the generic stuff. Hot chicks on the job.
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Career Family Tree - Career Family Tree By Patrick Hill EDL...

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