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Career Family Tree final - Career Family Tree Patrick Hill...

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Career Family Tree Patrick Hill EDL 100 For the career family tree paper I decided to interview my 6 closest family members. I had the perfect blend of gender; I interviewed my mother, my father, my two aunts, and my two uncles. I interviewed each and everyone by use of phone which they gave me detailed responses. They all had similar responses with their career and major choices, and they all are pleased with their decision. The first interview I conducted was Marty DeFoore, who is my uncle. His job title is a wood worker. He does anything that involves wood working. He does framework, cabinets,
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stairs, trim work, anything involving carpentry. Throughout a regular day he does a lot of talking. He communicates a lot with potential customers and existing customers. He has to meet with these people and take notes on what they want exactly. He does a lot of measuring, drawing, and sketching for his job. He draws out some sketches for potential customers and for existing costumers he designs blueprints based on the customer’s taste. From there he builds the product from scratch then installs it. He also does some minimal moving and basic utilities if they need his help. His specialty is finish work such as staining and spraying. He calls himself a wood worker but he does everything. He wishes that he could be younger; he doesn’t like the stuff that beats him up. The normal wear and tear is starting to take a toll on his body. Its physical work and he doesn’t like the aging with his body. He would like a trained assistant that could give him a hand on the grunt work. He also does not enjoy the generic part of the job; he seeks the more custom jobs. He is interested in the challenge of the job, he enjoys the challenge. Marty believes that a job has to interest you; you have to like it and enjoy your job. It has to be rewarding, esthetically rewarding, being creative and enjoying your work. If we were not a wood worker he would want to work outdoors. He wants to work at game reserves, national parks, national reserves or marine biology. He enjoys the outdoors. I then interviewed my father, Robert Hill, who is a senior vice president for NYSE. He puts together plans for new tasks that NYSE wants to do. He introduces trading products, modify and upgrade existing products. He also deals with all parts of the company, the lawyers, SEC, regulators, programmers, technologists, and marketing to make sure the product is working correctly and advertised correctly. He also runs the business department of one of the corporate divisions, Arca division. He has to deal with day to day problems and manage people on a daily basis. He likes to work with good, smart people.
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Career Family Tree final - Career Family Tree Patrick Hill...

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