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Career Paper - Career Paper Patrick Hill EDL 100 Part I I...

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Career Paper Patrick Hill EDL 100 Part I I like Business Economics as a major. I find the subject interesting. The way people act and react to changes to other people and government. I enjoy the cause and effect relationship between people and I am very analytically oriented. I find trends and group things together very easily. Not only do I find it interesting, I like the fact that Economic majors are scattered all over the career world. Economic majors go anywhere because they learn skills that are applicable in many fields of expertise. I believe I will find a good job and if I need to relocate I believe I can do so very easily. If I minor in Speech Communication I believe I will be extremely valuable and attractive to many employers. I believe my skills will be in high demand. Majoring in Business Economics will allow me to think analytically and allow myself to establish a career and will allow me to invest my money. A minor in Speech Communication will allow me to convey my thoughts and ideas to other people. I believe becoming a Business major will help me with everyday things such as taxes, investing, and budgeting. The Economic part will allow me to invest in the stock market and hopefully be successful. For these reasons I am interested in becoming a Financial Analyst. I share many of the intrinsic qualities as a Financial Analyst. “Financial Analysts include financial consultants, private bankers, financial planners, wealth managers, and even insurance agents” (articles.directorym.com). Financial analysts are guides for businesses and individuals; they make recommendations on financial decisions such as investments, long-term market place activities, and economic trends. There are many similarities between the typical financial analyst and myself. Most financial analysts have “good interpersonal skills, aptitude for working with numbers and competitive” (bls.gov). According to the various personality tests I have taken, I have learned to that I work best with people and problem solving, I am extremely
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competitive and I am more logical than emotional. All financial analysts do the same thing, “they gather financial information, analyze it, and make recommendations” (bls.gov). Some financial analysts may be restricted to a certain sector or industry but they all pay attention to one another. They all study the economic trends, monetary and fiscal policy, as well as securities and statements to make the best recommendation for their business or client. “The analysis of a situation can make or break a profitable deal. If they don’t give their utmost attention not only could the company lose money, but employees could lose their jobs” (articles.directorym.com). Financial analysts’ jobs are extremely important and vital to companies. Thus being vital to a company means financial analysts’ environments are business oriented. “The Financial Analyzer environment includes two basic types of workstations, administrator workstations and user work
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