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Majors Paper - Hill Majors Paper Patrick Hill EDL 100 Part...

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Hill Majors Paper Patrick Hill EDL 100 Part 1 My major is business economics and I would like to minor in speech communication. I have worked hard to find a schedule that would suit me with my major classes. I received a great amount of research from the Miami Bulletin, the Miami website, and my interviewee Dr. James Brock in the Economics Department. Overall I have figured out what requirements I have to meet as well as what my schedule is going to be over the next seven semesters. To earn a degree in Business Economics and a minor in Speech Communication I will need a substantial amount of money to pay for the tuition and miscellaneous costs of college. From the Miami website I calculated the expenses would be for study. I found that the tuition would cost $21,368 per year which will fluctuate from year to year. I used my text book costs to speculate what my cost for books will be in the future; this is based on me returning my books as well. My text books will cost about $500 per year. If I decide to stay on campus for my entirety at Miami it would cost $9,458 per year, however this will fluctuate from year to year. Transportation will cost about $120 dollars per year if I use Megabus or if I get a ride with other people. For toiletries and personal items I would only need about $500 dollars per year. This brings the total budget to $31,946 per year, hopefully it will fluctuate and this budget will decrease dramatically. The Miami Bulletin was extremely helpful in finding what requirements I needed to complete a major in Business Economics and a minor Speech Communication. I found all the required courses for both: the major and the minor as well as all of the requirements for the Miami Plan. The Miami Bulletin listed all of the required classes under the major and the minor classes and then I used the Miami Plan section to find all of my Miami Plan classes. From there
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Hill I was able to plan and schedule my accordingly. However my interview with Dr. Brock was the most influential and helpful source of information I found. I interviewed Dr. Brock on Monday November 9, 2009, in room 2025 in the Farmers School of Business. Dr. Brock is a faculty member in the Economic department and has been working at Miami for several years. I used the “Questions for Research” on the assignment handout for my interview questions. I first asked Dr. Brock: whether there were any prerequisites for the Business Economic majors, were there any certain courses that were required or minimum GPA, if there was a formal application, if the major is competitive to get into? He said that there were no prerequisites except the ones to get into the business school. He
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