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College News Story - Patrick Hill Mr Tobin Journalism 101...

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Patrick Hill Mr. Tobin Journalism 101 12 April 2010 The Secret Lives of Head Residents There is often a misconception about the duties and responsibilities of Head Residents. Miami’s incoming freshman come to school being feed the notion that Head Residents are the ultimate form of authority in their respective halls. They believe that Head Residents have the sole responsibility of disciplinary actions and delegating punishments. This notion could not be any further from the truth, especially in the case of the incoming freshman. There are three categories that all Miami Head Residents fall under: First Year Advisors, Graduate Hall Residents, and Specialty Residents. All freshmen have a First Year Advisor. These advisors are full time staff members with a master’s degree, usually in administration or higher education, and have many responsibilities and duties none of which include disciplinary action. The main duties of the First Year Advisor include their Living Learning Community (LLC), supervising, student conduct assistance and academic advising.
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