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School in Italy - Students must be aware of traveling meals...

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School in Italy? By Patrick Hill During the months of July and August few students have the notion of school on their mind. However, schooling in Italy can hardly be considered the traditional “summer school.” This upcoming summer there is a 7 week workshop that is offered in Florence, Italy. Miami is offering 8 to 9 credits as well as completing Thematic Sequence options while in Italy. Dr. Bernheim, the director of the excursion, states that the “the primary emphasis of the workshop is always academic.” The classes and apartments are at the Gould Institute in Florence. The courses offered are English 350C, Art 399, Journalism 350 or English 251. No knowledge of the Italian language is necessary. The program costs in between $10,500 to $13,000 and requires a $500 down payment by October and the payment for room, board, and flights is due after spring break.
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Unformatted text preview: Students must be aware of traveling, meals, and spending money is not included in the Miami’s financials. Classes meet three days a week to allow for students to travel around Europe and gaining knowledge of another lifestyle. This valuable experience is once in a lifetime opportunity and the costs may go up next year based on Miami’s tuition costs. Dr. Bernheim has scheduled the trip with help of Andre Partee who has previously organized popular excursions to Croatia, Munich, and Barcelona. This asset allows the students to indulge themselves in the culture. The Italian exchange program is a great way to mature and learn self-reliance. It’s a trip of a lifetime. Dr. Bernheim can be contacted at [email protected] http://www.units.muohio.edu/english/Undergraduate/StudyAbroad/italy.html...
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