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Short Assignment - Patrick Hill Journalism 101H Dr Tobin 26...

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Patrick Hill Journalism 101H Dr. Tobin 26 April 2010 The News Does Matter? The newspaper business has often competed with technological advances such as the radio, the television, and now the internet; yet, is there a trend this new generation to not care about the news? Newspapers are vital to American history and are the basis for democracy with the freedom of speech. Newspapermen, also known as journalists, have the duty to accurately and truthfully depreciate the actions that shape our lives; this trend could be shifting. The internet is quickly diminishing the need for newspapers with cheap advertising. This does not mean there is a diminishing need for news. In David Simon’s essay, he addresses whether the news itself is valuable. The news is still valuable and important in today’s and tomorrow’s society, yet the strong news organizations may be shifted to major internet news companies. Technology is replacing the need for a newspaper.
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