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Discussion Question 1

Discussion Question 1 - and the original Psycho fall into...

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Patrick Hill Discussion Question #1 Read You be the Judge on p. 20 of the textbook. Are there any movies you have seen that you believe could cause an unstable youth to hurt someone? Do video games cause increased violence on the playgrounds of elementary schools? If so, what, if anything, should society do about the problem? Should courts be involved? Should the United States Congress? There seems to be an abundance of popular movies with violence present. Movies such as Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Fight Club, American Psycho,
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Unformatted text preview: and the original Psycho fall into this category. Despite the violence in these movies, I do not believe that it would lead an unstable youth to hurt someone. Video games do not cause an increase in violence on the playgrounds of elementary. I played violent video games growing up and I do not consider myself “violent” or have caused any “acts of violence” on the playgrounds. These problems should be solved by the parents based on their child’s ability to cope with the violence they observe, not the court system....
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