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Patrick Hill Discussion Question #4 Read about Jason and the tragic train accident on p. 75 of the textbook. If you felt that there should be a law to make a bystander like Jason liable, what would you do to make such a law a reality? I do not think that there should be a law to make a bystander like Jason liable. I believe that this incident was a unique incident that resulted in a tragedy. There are many less tragic, more common cases like these that happen every day.
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Unformatted text preview: Pedestrians are hit by taxis, bikers are hit by trucks, etc. If there was a law that made bystanders’ obligations to be “you have a duty to assist someone in peril despite whether you created the danger” there would be an absurd amount of these cases in the court system. Also, an absurd amount of cases with no substantial evidence or cause will arise in the court systems....
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