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Annual Report Project Lowe's Companies Fiscal 2009 Your Project Has Been Activated Follow the Instructions Below to Begin Your Project Name: Patrick Hill Instructor: Fiona Chang Id Code: 21388613 Class Time: Friday 12:45 Print Lowe's Financial Statements To print Lowe's financial statements, follow the steps below. After you print the financial statements, fill-in the three basic information questions on this page. possible that Fiscal 2010's financial statements will have been released. See your instructor if you have any questions concerning the fiscal year of the financial statements. You can obtain Lowe's 2009 Annual Report from Lowe's website or from your USB flash drive. To obtain Lowe's 2009 Annual Report PDF file from Lowe's website: > Go to: www.lowes.com > On Lowe's website click: To use Lowe's 2009 Annual Report that is on the USB flash drive that came with your book: > Use Adobe Acrobat to open the file "Lowes 2009 Annual Report.pdf". This file is located on the Print the following from Lowe's Fiscal 2009 Annual Report: (print the first page and the third page of the Notes located on PDF pgs 36 and 38 / report pgs 34 and 36)       PDF document, select File, then Print, then Current Page. 1. Lowe's Fiscal 2009 year ended on what date? January 30, 2009 (mm/dd/yyyy) 2. List the name of Lowe's Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm: 3. Revenue Recognition Record below when Lowe's recognizes revenue from the sale of merchandise. This information can be found in Lowe's Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements under the heading "Revenue Recognition". This ARP is for Lowe's 2009 fiscal year which ended on January 29, 2010. Be sure to print and use the 2009 fiscal year financial statements. Depending on when you are doing this ARP, it is > About Lowe's (bottom of the page) > Investors (bottom of the page) > Annual Reports (left side ) > 2009 Annual Report PDF flash drive in the Company Financial Statements folder that is under the Red Company 6e folder. > Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm (PDF pgs 30-31 / report pgs 28-29) > Consolidated Statements of Earnings (PDF pg 32 / report pg 30) > Consolidated Balance Sheets (PDF pg 33 / report pg 31) > Consolidated Statements of Shareholders' Equity (PDF pg 34 / report pg 32) > Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (PDF pg 35 / report pg 33) > Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements        Be careful not to print out the entire annual report.    Get to the correct page in the  The Company recognizes revenues, net of sales tax, when sales transactions occur and customers take possession of the merchandise.
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Lowe's -- Fiscal 2009 Pg. 2 Enter the amounts exactly as they are shown on the financial statement, which are in millions. Lowe's
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HillPatrick-ARP - Annual Report Project Lowe's Companies...

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