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Enron Case - Power and legitimacy The employees have...

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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 2 March 2010 Enron Case 1. Owners- Jeffery Skilling, Ken Lay, Lay family, Andrew Fastow. Suppliers-Merrill Lynch. Customers- Arthur Andersen, Employees- all those who lost money. 2. The owner’s wanted to make the company look better than it actually is. The suppliers and customers and employees still wanted to do business with Enron. 3. The CEOs have legitimacy, power, and urgency. The Customers and Suppliers have
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Unformatted text preview: Power, and legitimacy. The employees have urgency. 4. The core stake holders include all CEOs of Enron, the Strategic stake holders are the suppliers and customers of Enron, and the Secondary stakeholders are the employees. 5. The economic issues are stock and money. The legal issues are regulatory. The ethical issues include false impressions, conflict of interest (truth vs. loyalty), and lying....
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