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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Bus 101 3 February 2010 Ford Pinto Case 1) There are 4 primary stakeholders in the Ford Pinto case. The shareholders, the corporate executives, and the board of directors are all affected by the Ford Pinto case. The customers of Ford are affected by the Ford Pinto. The suppliers to Ford are affected by this case as well as the society. 2) The owners’ stakes are the value of the company will go down. The image of Ford is negatively affected by the production of the Pinto. Ford customers of new and old will contemplate the reliability of a Ford. The suppliers of Ford will also be questioned for the faulty parts. Society will be questioning if this happened to Ford, one of the most respectable car companies, can it happen to their cars.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) The ethical issues given are: allowing false impressions, divulging information, and taking unfair advantage. 4) Tort Laws are applicable as well as regulatory laws. 5) Ford made a poor decision because they tarnished their reputation. The company had many economical losses including, ones with potential customers and relationships with possible suppliers. The company acted greedily at the cost of the public and that only produced revenue in the short run but diminished it in the short run. 6) In the Ford Pinto case Ford put a price on the individual who died but Toyota didn’t take that chance and they actually recalled all their vehicles so no one could be injured....
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