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Freidman vs. Freeman - Patrick Hill Mr Rollins Business 101...

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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 22 January 2009 Freidman vs. Freeman The question of the role of corporate executives in today’s society is a major debate; whether corporations hold a responsibility to society or purely the stockholders. Milton Freidman and Edward Freeman have strong opinions on these topics and have discussed the benefits of both. Milton Freidman believes in a responsibility to solely the stockholders while Edward Freeman believes in a responsibility to society. I agree that if both had the ideal economy would be successful, however in our mixed economy I agree with Edward Freeman’s approach to the role of corporate executives. Milton Freidman believes that the corporate executives of a company have a responsibility to the stockholders. He believes that pure capitalism does not have any boundaries for the corporation. The corporate executives use corporate revenue to better society, which is socialism. Whether the cost is economic cost or real cost it hurts the corporation.
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