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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 14 January 2010 Grading Papers Assignment 1. Based on critical thinking skills; student C has the best paper. Student C understands the situation, demonstrates their understanding by giving a synopsis of the situation, addresses a certain target audience, and provides a solution to the problem. Student B has the next best paper. Student B gives a brief summary of the problem and addresses the current situation. However, the student does not give a detailed solution, but they analyze the situation well. Student A does address the problem and analyzes the situation in the simplest form.
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Unformatted text preview: The student does not go in depth in the solutions. 2. If I were in this situation I would address the problem to the company, the SEC, and the stockholders. Then based on what is best for the company we will carry out an affirmative action. 3. In the weak papers, the poor critical thinking is caused by the lack of detail, creativity, and too much summary of the situation. Their needs to be less of a summary of the situation and more solutions that ease all conflicts....
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